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Girls Varsity Crew · SJA Crew Rows Well at Dillon Lake Sprints

The Saint Joseph Academy Crew competed in the 5th Annual Dillon Lake Scholastic Sprints on Saturday. The team qualified 15 of 16 entries into the Grand Finals. SJA saw a 6th place finish by the Second Novice 8+; 5th place finishes by the Third Novice 4+, Varsity 1x, and Second Varsity 8+; 4th place finishes by the Varsity 4+, Junior 8+, and Second Freshmen 8+.

Both the Varsity Lightweight 4+ (Caitlin Schurch ’17, Karly Tuner ’19, Jenna Prahst ’17, Grace Ducat ’19, and coxswain Megan Schurch ’19) and the Second Novice 4+ (Libby Fox ’20, Ellie Schauer ’20, Maddy Kelly ’20, Anna Marsick ’20, and coxswain Sarah Gallo ’20) finished third in their respective categories.

Second place finishes were earned by the Varsity 8+ and Third Varsity 8+. First place finished were won by the Varsity 2-, First Novice 8+, First Freshmen 8+, and First Novice 4+.

The Jaguar Navy travels to Westerville, OH Saturday April 29th for a Duel Meet with Westerville High School.