Multiple Teams · Fall Picture Day Information and Important Reminders

Fall Sports Picture Day will be taking place on Monday, August 10th on the front steps of  Academy building as well as the Academy Center. We will also have contingency plans for rain if needed. The Athletic Department has worked with Lifetouch Photography as well as David Cleveland Photography to plan this day and adhere to the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Health and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Athletes will be receiving picture day order forms from their coach, so please be on the lookout for those coming home.

Below is the picture day schedule and guidelines for the event.

1:00 – 1:30: Tennis (all 3 teams) with Lifetouch, Varsity Golf with David Cleveland Photography

1:30 – 2:00: Golf (JV & Varsity) with Lifetouch Photography, Varsity Tennis with David Cleveland Photography

2:00 – 2:45: Cross Country with Lifetouch Photography, Varsity Soccer with David Cleveland Photography

2:45- 3:30: Volleyball (all 3 teams) with Lifetouch Photography, Cross Country with David Cleveland Photography

3:30- 4:15: Varsity Volleyball with David Cleveland Photography


Picture Day Guidelines

Prior to Picture Day:

  • Parent/ Guardian Reminders
    • Your daughter(s) will be receiving picture day order forms from their coach. Please be on the lookout for those as we get closer to the picture day date.
  • Athlete Reminders
    • Athletes must come to pictures dressed and ready to take their picture; they will not be permitted to access the locker room to get ready for pictures during this time. 
    • Athletes and coaches MUST have their masks on at all times, except when taking their individual photos.

Picture Day:

  • Teams should be ready 10 minutes prior to their start time.
  • Upon arrival at SJA, each student will be required to have their mask on, have their temperature checked, and answer contact tracing questions asked and logged by their coach. 
  • Once you have successfully completed the screening process, your coach will tell you to line up (socially distanced, 6 feet apart) on the Academy sidewalk that leads to the Academy main entrance OR in the Arcade hallway. There will be X’s on the sidewalk every 6 feet to ensure that athletes remain socially distanced. 
  • If you are taking your Lifetouch photos first, you will remain in line on the main entrance sidewalk. If you are not a senior or member of the varsity team in your program, your only responsibility is to take Lifetouch Photos. After you complete the Lifetouch photos, we ask that you please continue to the parking lot and exit the premises immediately.
  • If you are taking photos with David Cleveland (seniors and varsity members only), you will line up in the Arcade hallway. Please note that only varsity members and seniors should be lining up in the Arcade Hallway.
  • Once you are finished taking pictures with either photographer (including team photo), you will proceed to the next photographer’s line if applicable. 
  • Masks can be removed when it’s your turn for INDIVIDUAL photos. After you are finished with individuals, please put your mask back on immediately. 
  • Once the student-athlete is done, please continue with the flow of traffic to the parking lot and exit the premises immediately. 

Please note, we will be taking all team photos with masks on.